About Us

SNOB began its life in Tiverton market in 2010.

Frustrated at not finding the clothes I liked to wear or that fitted in with my lifestyle and budget, I decided to go shopping, but not just for me – for other ladies in our eternal middle age (anywhere from 35-80 in my book!!)

…. and this is how I fell in love with retail!

I have always loved fashion, but the fashion mags seemed so out of reach. Where could I buy something that worked for me, everyday, not just occasions not just lounging around – for the person I am. The French and the Italians do it so well! The dress up dress down idea, the accessorising, the changing seasonal colours which blend from month to month and season to season.

So very slowly SNOB took its first deep breaths. From 1 shop to 2 etc etc. and now properly on line and in various pop ups around the country.

If you come into the stores, you will find normal, friendly ladies, ready to chat, give style ideas, help with occasions that you need help styling; or not; if you just want to browse on your own.

On line we try to be fun and informative and bring you the best of SNOB to your door.

So enjoy SNOB on line, instore and the shows and fairs we attend – . Visit often, share widely, with us and your friends, but most of all be FABULOUS.